Rear Bumper Bar Corner Reinforcement

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The Rear Bumper Bar Corner Reinforcement (#52178-0C030) is a critical component in the Rear Bumper & Bumper Stay system of your Toyota vehicle. This auto part functions to bolster the strength and rigidity of the vehicle's bumper, particularly at the corners. It absorbs and redistributes energy during minor impacts, thereby reducing potential damage to the vehicle's body. Over time, the Rear Bumper Bar Corner Reinforcement (#52178-0C030) may suffer from wear and tear, resulting in its reduced effectiveness. A worn-out reinforcement could compromise the bumper's ability to absorb impact, increasing the risk of damage to the vehicle. Using genuine Toyota parts in your vehicle is beneficial for compatibility as they are specifically designed for your model. These authentic parts come with Toyota's genuine parts warranty. The Rear Bumper Bar Corner Reinforcement (#52178-0C030) plays a vital role in enhancing the vehicle's overall safety. Its effective functioning contributes directly to the bumper's ability to protect the vehicle and its occupants.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 52178-0C030

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