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The Deck Board & Deck Trim Cover system in Toyota vehicles includes a pivotal component known as the Clip (#90467-07053-22). This Body part plays a key role in securing the deck board and deck trim cover in place, providing support and stability as the vehicle operates. Other parts in the system depend on the Clip (#90467-07053-22) to retain their positioning and functionality. Over time, Clip (#90467-07053-22)s may wear out, become damaged, or lose their grip. This can compromise the secure fitting of the deck board and deck trim cover, potentially leading to rattling, misalignment, or even detachment of these parts. Therefore, it's essential to periodically replace Clip (#90467-07053-22)s with genuine Toyota parts, which are designed for perfect compatibility with your vehicle and come with Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Using genuine Clip (#90467-07053-22)s not only supports the system's efficiency but also safeguards against potential safety risks associated with worn or broken Clip (#90467-07053-22)s.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 90467-07053-02;90467-07053-12
Part Number 90467-07053-22
Color Name Deep Red

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