Front Bumper Arm Right Hand

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The Front Bumper Arm Right Hand (#52141-52020), a crucial body part in Toyota's Floor Side Member system, serves a primary function of absorbing and distributing impact during collisions, thereby safeguarding the integral structure of the vehicle. As a part of the operating system, it synergizes with other components, such as the bumper and crumple zones, to minimize damage. Neglecting regular replacement can lead to potentially severe consequences. An old or damaged Front Bumper Arm Right Hand (#52141-52020) may not perform its function properly, thus escalating the risk of damage to the vehicle and safety of passengers during a collision. Utilizing genuine parts like Toyota's Front Bumper Arm Right Hand (#52141-52020) ensures compatibility and optimum performance. Plus, such parts are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Overall, the Front Bumper Arm Right Hand (#52141-52020) plays a pivotal role in enhancing the safety and efficiency of the vehicle's Floor Side Member system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 52141-52040
Part Number 52141-52020

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